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Even when you don’t feel like it

What do you like to do so much that you would do it even when you didn

Who do you pray to?

When did we start sending out prayers TO people instead of sending up prayers FOR people? Spiritual athletes must set the example & guard the faith vocabulary.

Productivity comes from blessing


When opposing forces collide

Creation is the explosion that occurs when opposing forces collide. To continue creating we

Suffering births success

When God wants to birth something out of you He puts chaos inside of you to activate it, then He puts you in chaos to draw it out. Suffering births success.

Creativity demands restrictions

The earth was created out of chaos. We were all birthed through the painful contractions of a narrow passageway. Restrictions are necessary for creativity.

Pressure is a blessing

Creativity is birthed & revealed by pressure. We

Birth time is God’s time

During your pangs scream if you must but surrender to the fact that you can

Spiritual Athletes are Like Old Testament Prophets

Spiritual athletes are like Old Testament prophets illustrating via their performances the mysterious power of the spirit to will people 2 all kinds of success.

Ten of the Greatest Christian Spiritual Athletes of All Time

Athletes are notoriously superstitious, often attributing their success to good luck that comes from sticking to the same routine: wearing the same pair of college shorts under their game uniform, eating the same meal before every game, going through the exact same warm up routine, etc. Here is a list of athletes who had no problem attributing their success to their relationship with Jesus. Of course this is just my list; tell us in the comments below, who would make yours?